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Sweet biscuit sugar plum. Halvah chocolate bar jujubes. Dragée donut candy.

Meet Chabeli 

I’m so excited to finally share with you all this wedding. This sweet couple is celebrating there one year anniversary. When Chase called me about documenting their wedding the first impression he gave me was “Whoa!”. Why? For one its not common for the groom to reach out to vendors like photographers, at least its not  for us. Chase was very involved in the wedding plans. Because he wanted to, he was on a mission to make his fiancée, Yamileh, wedding a dream come true. They had just a few months to plan and she lived in Panama City Beach and was not too familiar with Jacksonville. She relied on him (and close friends and vendors), and he delivered and so did everyone else.

Bride and Groom portraits at Epping Forest Yacht Club


I absolutely adored her shoes from Jessica Simpson, they were so classic with just a nice touch of elegance for a bridal shoe.

While I was photographing Yamileh getting her make up on, I saw this out of the corner of my eye. I probably looked like a mad women spinning around, but I just couldn’t miss capturing this tender moment between the two moms. Such a happy union of two families becoming one, this image will forever make my heart ever so happy.


Chase and Yamileh opted for the more traditional approach and waited to see each other until she was walking down the aisle. Chase was so happy when he saw her, and he was smiles all day long.

Wedding Ceremony was held at one of the Kingdom Hall’s of Jehovahs Witness in Jacksonville

They kept the wedding party an intimate size, her brother was the Best man and his sister was the Matron of Honor.


Typically Family formal photos are done at the ceremony site immediately after. However, they opted to do them at the reception, after their first dance.   At first I thought it would be pretty difficult to gather everyone up for photos because the Atlantic Beach Country Club is such spacious venue with beautiful scenery. I was afraid that the guest would be spread out and would miss the announcement. To my surprise, it was no trouble at all and I have got to admit I LOVED this. Everyone was much more relaxed and their was no pressure to get to the reception because we were already there!

Family formals can get a little crazy sometimes, I usually provide our couples with the outtakes because sometimes you just can’t even recall what was happening at that moment and it looks hilarious. They were such a fun family to be around.

Chase picked out her engagement ring all on his own, doesn’t he have great taste??

A couple of months before the wedding I met them at Epping Forest Yacht Club. This was Yamileh’s dream location to have their portraits captured, she loved and appreciated the architecture of the building. Especially the windows, they reminder her of her travels in Europe.  The wedding ceremony was at 10:30 in the morning and the reception was at the Atlantic Beach Country Club. We had until one o’clock in the afternoon before we had to head to the reception. Chase had a romantic picnic ready for a light brunch to enjoy on the grounds at Epping. We are ever so grateful for the club allowing them to have their bridal photos take place there.

Ever since this shot its a must for us to capture every groom holding the bouquet

Mr and Mrs first dance together



There was a few surprises for the newlyweds. Their siblings, who are insanely talented, did a few covers of the couples favorite songs. Towards the end of the night the family played a slide show for them showcasing their relationship and journey to this awesome day.

Father of the bride dancing with his baby girl

One of the best surprises was one Yamileh had up her sleeve and that was to have a special dance with her mom.

The grooms favorite drink was waiting for him.

Wedding Reception at the Atlantic Beach Country Club

Now this! This was a surprise for Chase. His dad surprised him by lending him his ’66 Chevy Camero as their wedding day transportation and get away car.

Wedding photos at Epping Forest Yacht Club in Jacksonville, Fl

I’ll end their post with my absolute favorite photo of from the whole day. Congratulations Yami and Chase.



Wedding Photo location: Epping Forest Yacht Club

Wedding Reception: Atlantic Beach Country Club


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