Lead photographer, and the person you will communicate the most with, the voice behind every email and social media post.  My loves are my family and friends who have become like family.  Life experiences have given me traits such as patience, communication and confidence in my craft. I'm a cozy gamer and movie goer and adore my free time, as rare as it is, to just be present with my people. Just trying to live that best life ever.  

About Austin

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The Team

The most crucial vertebrae of my backbone, and cheerleader who believes you can obtain anything you put your mind too. He's a photographer and an IT man. One of my second shooters, and awesome partner. A movie buff to his core with a love for the creation and journey of each production he watches. He's a gamer, a foodie and even a Disney adult with me!  He helps run things behind the scenes from cleaning lenses, shooting and even handling the home front while I'm away.  

Jouvan Johnson

our wedding and engagement photos were breath taking!!! The staff really took their time to make sure our photos came out as promised and we couldn’t be any happier with the results. What I really appreciated about Chabeli was what she provided after the wedding. Her constant communication about our  photos and editing of the photos, etc, really showed us how much pride she take in her craft and they go above and beyond.

Chabeli made the whole experience extremely enjoyable!

Austin had a background in photography, as his father was a photographer, and he taught me everything he knew. However, like most of photographers there was some youtube university, real life application and trial and error.  As a former banker I knew investing in education and myself was key.  Eventually I took private courses, yearly workshops and conferences and having a mentor has been essential. 

How did you learn?

The name evolved as our focus changed, however what remained the same was "Black Tie". Very simply the first thing we knew that we wanted for our wedding, and bought, was Austin's black tie. Its timeless. That same day we found a black bow tie for his little brother. He too passed shortly after we married and we inherited that same bow tie. Now it sits in a frame in our office. It's a reminder of the signifiance of our roles as photograhers. The oppurtinuty we have to capture you, your family friends that are there with you that night, as who knows when you'll all be together again. 

Whats with the name BT&C?

I took the leap in 2015. My husband Austin gifted me a camera for our anniversary in 2014 and I've never looked back.

How long have you been a photographer

Since my first job at the age of 17 they've revolved around real estate and financing. So logically I landed a successful career in the banking world, specifically in the default compliance world.  I had a great boss and loved my career and the path in front of me so it was not easy to make a switch, but my heart was needing a change. 

What did you do before photography?

While I enjoyed my banking career I was seeking something with more freedom. I'm a creative at heart, from a young age I was a musician and loved art. Austin and I both have lost our fathers and other loved ones so photographs of them became priceless. My father in law was a photographer, we inherited some of his equipment and that lit my creative spark.

Why photography?

Past, Present and Future

I did it! I went full-time with BT&C  and not looking back! It feels like a dream to be able to fully dedicate my time solely to our BT&C family.  Austin works fulltime during the week in IT but is still an active force with BT&C. He's a photographer and all things tech and gear and keep us ship shape. 

Full time 


BT&C family was growing with so many beautiful couples, even with a world wide pandemic on the horizon. That year I worked with Princess cruises on that trip I decided it was time, time to quit my corporate bank job and take on BT&C full time. 

Busy & crazy times


My husband and I started this journey as videographers, Black Tie Cinema. We use to get alot of calls regarding movie tickets, times and more! Hahaha, funny but not so funny.  Since I wanted to branch into photography we decided it was time to rebrand.

Black Tie and Co


You're sharing your day with me so it's only fair I show a photo from mine, right? Once a bride myself and over 100 weddings photographed, well I've seen a thing or two and I share the knowledge with you to bring some ease to your day. 

got married


Our history

Us with our son, he's 17 now but isn't he so cute!

Seeing the world made me realize it was time for a new chapter for BT&C

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