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Sweet biscuit sugar plum. Halvah chocolate bar jujubes. Dragée donut candy.

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Sweet biscuit sugar plum. Halvah chocolate bar jujubes. Dragée donut candy.

Meet Chabeli 

Garrett and Sara had their wedding ceremony in the courtyard of the Casa Marina Hotel and Restaurant in Jacksonville Beach Florida. The reception was in their banquet hall of the hotel.

I was a second photographer for Picture me this by Lacie for this wedding. But none the less, I was happy to be there to capture more moments for them. Also to be the professional bouquet holder, dress fluffer, water girl assistant to the photographer and couple to make their day a breeze. This is my first time at Casa Mariana Hotel and I absolutely love the venue. The way Garrett and Sara set up their ceremony and reception was simple and timeless. So here are all the photos to give you all the inspiration for your wedding at Casa Mariana. Also if you need a photographer for your wedding and you just so happen to be saying “I Do” at Casa Mariana, well give your girl a call *Wink*Wink* cause I adore this venue and can’t wait to go back!


A few moments that stood out to me on Garrett and Sara’s day. The Letter. Sara wrote a letter to her husband to be and watching Garrett open it up reading it and it brought him to tears. They didn’t see each other until the ceremony. Watching the reaction of the guest and parents as they both walked towards each other was so sweet.

I also loved how Sara and her mom took the time to take mental photos. Insert Jim and Pam from The Office on the way to their wedding. During the dances, they each just took time to take in the moments that were unfolding in front of them. Another moment, was when the Bridal party was just hanging out on the dock to the sand dunes. I attempted to get candids of them hanging out but they quickly noticed I was taking photos of them and it still turned out to be such a cute photo!

The BUBBLE EXIT. I love this option and I think it’s such a great idea over sparklers.

Vendors Lead Photographer Picture me this by Lacie

Second Photographer Chabeli from Black Tie and Co.

Venue: Casa Mariana Hotel and Resturant

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