Wedding Alachua Woman’s Club | Josh and Jasmin


Josh is so sweet and tender with Jasmine, we noticed he always made sure his bride had what she needed and would go above and beyond to make her smile, and boy is her smile contagious. They had an intimate wedding at the Alachua Woman’s club. The venue has beautiful arches with stone features and beautiful space with gorgeous hardwood floors. It’s a little gem for the town of Alachua.

These two are just smitten kitten with each other. One thing that stood out to me about Jasmine is that she has a deep respect and appreciation for Josh. You could tell by the way she looks and speaks to him. Also, she is quirky and downright adorable! And she’s totally up for a night of gaming with Josh.

Favorite moment: When Josh saw Jasmine!!! They did not do a first look and decided to stay more traditional. Boy, when he saw Jasmine, his emotions filled the room, and it was captivating!!!

Fun Fact and Favorite moment number TWO: Actually, my most favorite moment of the whole day. Jasmine surprised Josh by giving her vows in Tagalog. She took the time to learn and practice her vows in his mother language; I told you she was sweet. Seeing Josh shed tears of joy for this beautiful, thoughtful gesture by his wife was heartwarming.

Bridesmaid helping bride get ready. Photo by Black Tie & Co.
Mother of the bride hugging bride. Photo by Black Tie & Co.
Groom and Mother of the groom walking down the aisle during Wedding ceremony at kingdom hall of Jehovah's witness.  Photo by Black Tie & Co.
Josh hugging his father.
Josh, the groom, as he first saw Jasmin, the bride,  coming down the aisle.. Photo by Black Tie & Co.
Josh as he first saw Jasmin coming down the aisle.
Jasmin coming down the aisle with her father as her mother looks on during the wedding ceremony at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's witnesses. Photo by Black Tie & Co.
Josh, the groom, cried as he first saw Jasmin, the bride,  coming down the aisle.. Photo by Black Tie & Co.
Josh’s reaction to seeing Jasmin for the first time as she came down the aisle
Jasmin reading her vows to Josh in Tagalog

I loved taking Josh and Jasmin’s wedding portraits out side of the Alachua Woman’s Club. They were sweet, silly and everything in-between of pure bliss.

Portraits of Josh and Jasmin out side the Alachua Woman’s Club. I love the arches and stone design of this wedding venue.
Groom looking at bride Photo by: Black Tie & Co. (
Bride and groom being silly during their portraits Photo by: Black Tie & Co. (
Told ya’ they were silly 🙂
Birds of Paradise centerpiece at Reception
Photo by: Black Tie & Co. (
Photo by: Black Tie & Co. (

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