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Sweet biscuit sugar plum. Halvah chocolate bar jujubes. Dragée donut candy.

Meet Chabeli 

We always do our best to make a connection before our sessions and then after we usually grab a bite to eat or coffee, sometimes cocktail, immediately after! Let’s be real, we all work up an appetite during sessions, so nourishment is a must! We absolutely love hanging out with our couples because we consider them family! Cultivating a genuine relationship helps us tell their story through our eyes, and in turn, they become part of our story and legacy. That may sound a little cheesy…Did someone say cheese? I did! duh, I love grilled cheese! Anyhow it’s totally true. Being able to make a connection to create memories for our couples during our time together is the ultimate goal for us. However, with these two it’s significantly different. Austin and I both knew Bryan way before Amy came along, but when he finally met Amy….seriously, two inseparable peas in a pod! They are one of the sincerest, humble, hardworking and funniest couples we have had the pleasure to call our friends. We are practically family! Also, most have you may have seen them in our social media post. Bryan is a fellow wedding vendor, he is a fantastic DJ! In fact, our wedding was one of the first ones he ever did! We absolutely love working with them! (So if you need a DJ…don’t hesitate, go check them out!) So let’s dive in to their maternity session at Big Talbolt Island in Amelia Island.

Red Maternity Dress at beach maternity session


family photos at beach maternity session

Oh boy was January consistently cold for Florida! While we thought it would be warm and sunny on their maternity session, it turned out to be the total opposite. Regardless, we were all excited just to hang out and explore Big Talbot Island State Park! By any means, this is not your average Florida State Park. The unique beach is famous for the salt-washed skeletons of live oak and cedar trees that once grew near the shore. They are so impressive and each one different from the next. Since it was so cold out we didn’t stay as long as we thought we would. We all agreed we would come back when it’s warmer, we are beach people. I for one seriously can not wait for summer! My Cuban blood has had enough of the cold, and I’m over it! Bryan was really cold…. so cold that it made him a little nervous. I still can’t figure out what exactly was going on with Bryan’s jitters as he has been in front of my lens countless times! He still did what he loves to do which is making Amy laugh and her smile is positively contagious.

I have to take a moment and talk about this little guy right here, Carter. I mean that FACE! How can they ever put him in time out? Not that he is ever really bad, but you know sometimes you got to do what’s best for the kid and parenting in this world is a roller coaster. The kind when you get off the ride and you realize how fun it is and regardless of the downs, you’ll do it again anyway! Enter Lennox! Seriously he is so loved already. Watching Carter play with Anthony and how he would taunt me, by photobombing and running away laughing with the sweetest face, I can totally tell is going to be one awesome big brother to Lennox.

Its been an incredible journey documenting their growing family. Seems like just yesterday Amy texted me and asked if I would do her maternity photos when she was pregnant with Carter. Of course, I wanted too, it was for Bryan and Amy !! Done and Done! I was very new to photography at the time. The decision to pursue this craft was downright scary. As a photographer, like most other creative professions, there is a lot of comparison and self-doubt. However, these two without fail have shown up and cheered me on. Since day one! I never asked for support, they simply believed in me. Priceless. I’m forever grateful that they have been ride or die and will continue to cheer me on this journey. I have all the heart eyes for these two and their wonderful boys! I can’t wait to celebrate Lennox’s upcoming arrival this weekend. Thank goodness it’s going to be one of the nicest temps we’ve had in Florida in weeks!!

PS Amy’s maternity dress is a full length red floral maxi from Wren & Ivory, isn’t it lovely on her?!

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