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Sweet biscuit sugar plum. Halvah chocolate bar jujubes. Dragée donut candy.

Meet Chabeli 

Photography by BLACK TIE CINEMA LLC (www.btcweddings.com)

How he asked

From Riceta and Kennan

My family is very important to me, and Kennan knows that. We always get together every winter around Christmas time to be together. So 2014 was the first year the whole family would be together and his family was also going to be there. My grandmother really wanted pictures of the whole family. So I planned it, asked a friend to take the pictures and got everyone to coordinate colors. Little did I know that behind my back they were planning something for me! At the end of family pictures, my friend told Kennan and I that it was our turn. So out we went and all of a sudden as I’m posing for our couple’s shot, Kennan kneels down. At this point I’m thinking “what in the world?!” Well the ring got stuck in his tight pants, but eventually he got the ring out and asked me to marry him! In shock but so happy and excited I joked with him and said “I’ll see”. Of course I couldn’t be easy on him! He then surprised me with an awesome engagement shoot with another photographer who was behind the scenes capturing photos and video the proposal and then followed by an engagement party with all of our family and close friends. I never imagined he would have proposed like he did and keep the secret as good as he did, but it was perfect! I could not have asked for a better day!



Photography by BLACK TIE CINEMA LLC (www.btcweddings.com)

When Kennan asked us to capture the moment he was going to  propose to Riceta we were thrilled and nervous! He planned an extended family photo session with their friend, a post engagement party and us behind the scenes as the secret photographers and videographers. It was really difficult for Kennan to keep this all a secret from Riceta as they literally tell each other everything, EVERYTHING!

Kennan did a wonderful job. The proposal took place at the Fairchild Oak tree at Bulow Creek State Park in Ormond Beach, Florida.  Scroll down to see more of our favorites from the engagement session. We also captured it all on video check it out here or go check out our feature posted on How He Asked! for more photos and How they met.

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