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Sweet biscuit sugar plum. Halvah chocolate bar jujubes. Dragée donut candy.

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Sweet biscuit sugar plum. Halvah chocolate bar jujubes. Dragée donut candy.

Meet Chabeli 

Sarah and Brazzi wanted to do a session with their fur baby, Stella. She’s a cutie. Scroll down below to see how we incorporated their sweet Stella below. If you are looking for an outdoor photo location in live oak or lake city, you really can’t go wrong with Heritage Park and Gardens.

Heritage Park and Gardens in Live Oak, Florida, is a beautiful location for an engagement session or photo shoot. Gardens are often favored for photo sessions because they offer a variety of picturesque backgrounds, such as lush greenery, colorful flowers, and tranquil water features. The natural beauty of a garden can provide a romantic and intimate setting for photos.

If you plan your photo session at Heritage Park and Gardens, check their online event calendar before you go. Or you may just become wedding crashers. 🙂 It may also be helpful to discuss your vision for the session with your photographer and consider any specific poses or shots you would like to capture.

Preparing your Pet for the photoshoot

Here are two steps for preparing your pet for a photo shoot:

  1. Groom your pet. Make sure your pet is clean and well-groomed before the photo shoot. This will make your pet look better in the photos and help them feel more comfortable.
  2. The Camera. Let your pet become familiar with a camera. Helping your pet feel more comfortable with the camera will help reduce their anxiety about being photographed. Show your pet a camera, let them sniff it, and gradually increase the time you take pictures of your pet.

I hope these steps are helpful in preparing your pet for a successful session. Oh, and remember to bring treats and toys to keep your pet’s attention and reward good behavior! If you would like more tips on preparing your pets for a photo shoot, let me know in the comments.

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