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Sweet biscuit sugar plum. Halvah chocolate bar jujubes. Dragée donut candy.

Meet Chabeli 

How they met

Kennan and I met in August of 2012 at a convention. Kennan and his friend Caleb actually came up to my friends and I at an attempt to meet my friend. I at the time was dating someone else so I paid them no mind, but was nice to them and talked with them. The next day they decided to come back to that convention even though it wasn’t their assigned convention. The 2 guys again sought us out, this time at an attempt to take our candy. We left that day thinking we would probably never see each other again, but became friends on Instagram. Little did I know that Kennan left having an interest in me. I later found out about his interest through some mutual friends. I was very flattered, but again had a boyfriend at the time. Things didn’t work out with the other guy, and I’m glad they didn’t! Kennan was about to give up the hope that he would ever have a chance with me. It was a real life “Jim and Pam” scenario from The Office. After hearing that the guy I knew to have a crush on me was about to give up hope, I quickly took action! I got in touch with our mutual friends and planned a Disney trip. This allowed us to hang out in a group setting, that way it was nothing too serious or promising if one of us didn’t have the same feelings as the other. It was an awkward day, but it worked! The next day I texted him letting him know it was nice to see him, and that started the beginning of our relationship. We weren’t serious at first, just chit chat throughout the day, but it was everyday. Eventually we started dating and getting serious.

Kennan and Riceta were married on a beautiful day in May, with the perfect weather. It was extra special for us to be apart of their wedding, since we were also there to capture Kennan pop the question to Riceta.
Indigo Lakes Golf Club Wedding

Indigo Lakes Golf Club Wedding Photos

We had the privilege to document their proposal, The proposal was followed by a mini engagement session and then an engagement party followed at Riceta’s home.
 The wedding ceremony was held at the Ormond Beach Kingdom Hall, and the reception was at the Indigo Lakes Country club, it was a simply elegant day filled with laughter and fun..
Read about their  proposal on their HOW HE ASKED featured post here. 
Wedding Vendors that made it happen:
Wedding Cinematography: Black Tie Cinema
Wedding Photography: Megan Janerio Photography
Wedding Ceremony Venue: Kindgom Hall , Ormond Beach FL
Reception Venue: Indigo Lakes


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