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Sweet biscuit sugar plum. Halvah chocolate bar jujubes. Dragée donut candy.

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Sweet biscuit sugar plum. Halvah chocolate bar jujubes. Dragée donut candy.

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6 items your groom will love to add to your wedding registry.

Let’s spice up that wedding registry with a few fun items that are exciting and useful. Not only will he love these gifts, but you will too so let’s get right to it!

First up, this great set of Spiegelau Craft Beer IPA Glass, Set of 4. Give this set of stunning pint glasses as a wedding gift or housewarming gift for those with discerning taste. Thoughtfully designed crystal glassware makes for a practical gift with effortless sophistication.

But after watching another Nicki Minaj Anaconda video, one comes to the conclusion that her video can be watched even without sound. Twisting black ladies with huge shaking butts licking languidly on African lips. The battered biting of bananas, the slathering of cream on impressive breasts, the sporting of pink panties, everything is as it should be. The pictures change, but only Nicki Minaj boobs are at the center of the entire video. And this is for a reason, because looking at such a weighty loin, you wonder about the naturalness of this part of the body.

No Starbucks or local coffee shop near your new apartment or home, no worries you two lovebirds. You can have a cold brew at your fingertips right from your own kitchen! KitchenAid Cold Brew. We’ve had one for a few years and it’s been one of our favorite things and it’s so convenient to have it right there in our fridge. The best part is that it doesn’t take a lot of space in the fridge !

Maybe your man would appreciate something a little techier. Google Nest 3rd generation Perhaps you’re enjoying cuddling in bed and you don’t want to get out to adjust that pesky thermostat.

Maybe you two like to eat al fresco and love a good pizza. Make your own at home and enjoy making your own creations with a pizza oven. This is such a great at-home date night or host a fun dinner party! I have my eye on this one it’s got great reviews!

Ok, this one has to be one of the best ones, a new suitcase from Travelpro, by far is our favorite brand of suitcases. It packs a lot of punch for the price point, it’s well made and they are really thought out well. We have the carry-on versions and an under-seat bag and we absolutely love it. Chances are your man didn’t have a very nice set or any suitcase, and if you traveling for your honeymoon this is a must for him. I love this blue and brown trim style.

Is music more his jam? How perfect would a record player be? Especially after making pizza in your pizza oven wink wink. Set some tunes and a little dancing in the living room or under the moonlight? Sounds like the best date night to me. Truly though, we have this one in black and it’s perfect. It helps set the vibe, whether it’s date night, friends hanging out, or even while tidying up.

These are just a few items we’ve found that our couples tell us they really enjoy and appreciate, especially the grooms. We will update and add to this list as time goes on, but for now, this is a good start. If you have any suggestions or have one of these items that you love drop a note in the comments below.

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