“Monster” Puppy at Jenni and Oscar’s Engagement session | Daytona, FL | Black Tie and Co.


Lesson number 501, never, EVER, turn your back on a golden retriever puppy! It was a split second blackout, and I found myself on my back staring at the blue sky, waiting for some sort of a pain to hit me. Laughter sent in as I realized little (not so small) pup Monster tackled me from behind and thanked goodness I didn’t break a leg during the fall.   I’ve never broken a bone in my body and I hope to keep it that way! Oh but Monster was far from a Monster. He was the sweetest with Jenni and Oscar during their shoot, and a well behaved, happy and energetic puppy. In case you are wondering yes, his hair is soft, fluffy and silky and it gave me fur envy. ;)One of our favorite things about the south-east is all the Spanish moss! It seriously adds such a beautiful element to outdoor portraits. Thankfully the private estate had plenty on the grounds. Using a home or private property is by far one of my favorite locations for sessions. It’s somewhere special for you and you don’t have to worry about crazy photobombs in public places. All though public and urban areas are great, its just nice not to have to worry about some guy in a  Speedo walking by and breaking the moment. Hahaha! OK that would be hilarious and would make a great story but you get the point! Right after we were done, I went to pack up our gear but I saw this skyline and immediately spun around like Michael Jackson (or at least I thought I looked as cool as him) and asked Jenni and Oscar if they were game for a few quick portraits outside with the St Johns river skyline behind them. I was so excited when they happily agreed and after five minutes we called it a night. I can’t wait for their wedding in December in New Smyrna Beach.








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