Yanira & Daniel | Orlando Science Center Wedding


The Bride and Groom had their Wedding Photos done at the grounds of the Orlando Science Center where they held their wedding reception. I just love the way Daniel is looking at his beautiful bride.

Daniel lives in Chicago and is apart of a Christian Chinese congregation. About 1,153 miles south of Chicago was Yanira, in Orlando. Yanira began studying Chinese so that she could teach others about the Bible in their language. She even spent quite some time in China practicing and of course a little bit of sight seeing to take in the culture. She speaks it beautifully if I might add.  In 2015 they were both invited to attend a special christian class. However, in two separate classes but just one week apart.

Yanira attended first in Ohio so she decided to visit her sister & brother in law in Michigan after school. Their Kingdom Hall in Michigan happens to be where Daniel was attending his class. Daniel and his Mom were still visiting with some friends after class. Although the rest of the class headed home after school to get some rest, Daniel’s Mom recommended that they just stay for the meeting since they’re already there and could support the meeting. (Daniel and Yanira are very grateful she made that wise recommendation! )

During the Christian meeting Daniel gave a comment that impressed Yanira very much. She thought: “Wow his Chinese is amazing!” (She thought he was Korean at first 😂) She mainly appreciated what was said. Yanira also caught Daniel’s attention with her comments and a friendly smile was exchanged. (How cute is that!!!) After the meeting they officially met and felt as if they had known each other forever, enjoyed a great conversation and made many connections realizing they had many friends in common and were most likely in the same places at the same time.

These two have a love for coffee so of course wedding photos at Starbucks was a must. Look how cute the Barista wrote out Bride and Groom on the Starbucks cups.

They thought that would be the last time they saw each other…
Long story a little less long, contact was made between Daniel and Yanira  and even more connections were made and more great conversations were had, many many more. They decided to wed in Orlando at her Kingdom Hall that she attend and the wedding reception was held at the Orlando Science Center. Daniel and Yanira are both coffee people and better yet they love Starbucks (just like us!). They love it so much that they had to stop by their local Starbucks to take a few wedding photos.

So, what are you waiting for? Hit play and watch the first chapter of their ‘Happily ever after’…(pst don’t forget to hit the HD button)

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What are you waiting for?

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