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Being student-athletes, the bookstore prepackaged their books. They both were missing something from their packages, so they went back to the FSU Bookstore on the same day and time. She was standing in line and thought he was kind of cute, but she didn’t know how to talk to him. She spotted that he too was wearing an FSU Athletics lanyard, so she said, “So, What sport do you play?” as she held up her lanyard to show him that she too was an athlete. They talked for about an hour and after she thought “If I ever get to date him, he’s going to be my husband.” A year and a half pass, and after a couple of run-ins on campus, Joshua invited Hannah to a party the baseball team was having. Two weeks after that he asked her out, officially.

It was homecoming weekend and Hannah’s sister, Rachel, decided to come down to FSU to scope it out for Grad school, so she thought. It was Sunday morning, they went to church and then to Andrew’s because…. BRUNCH BUFFET!!! Naturally, she assumed they would all hit the buffet, but Joshua ordered a Salad??!! Hannah was confused, but he did say he was trying to be healthy so she bought it. Joshua suggests that they take a ride around campus to show it off to her sister. Hannah thought it was a good idea since it was such a beautiful day


They parked behind the baseball field, and Joshua tells Hannah that the equipment manager said they ordered shirts for the new guys and they have extras if he wanted to go by and get one. They start walking to the field; she thought to herself “Oh my goodness is he about to propose??” She looked at his butt pocket to see if there was a ring box, but there wasn’t, so she calmed down a little. When they got on to the field, she didn’t see anything unusual, so she calmed down even more. She thought “It’s not happening today.”
So naturally, Hannah started snap chatting that they were on the field! Joshua was telling Rachel about his spot in Right Field – how there is no grass there because he always digs his feet into the ground. Hannah was trying to post her snap, she wasn’t really paying that much attention. But then Joshua said, “Yeah and sometimes when I got bored, I’d turn around and talk to the mellow mushroom guy on the sign.” He turned Hannah around and made her look up, and on the fence was a banner that said, “Will you marry me?” Hannah immediately threw her phone and started to cry. Joshua got down on one knee, attempted to quote her favorite movie – Pride and Prejudice – and asked Hannah to be his wife. When they got up and hugged, all of their friends that were hiding in the dugout and cheered. They came out, celebrated and they took more cute pictures! It was absolutely perfect!! Wonderful vendors:
Pre-wedding festivities: Hotel Duval
Ceremony & Reception: Shiloh Farms
Catering: Andrew’s Catering
Planning & Event Design: Kristi Sanders
Florist: At Last Florals
Photographer:  Elizabeth Davis
Cupcakes: Lucy & Leo’s Cupcakery
DJ: Amplify Entertainment
Hair/Makeup: Brittney Butler at JS Hair Lounge




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  1. Kristen says:

    What a cute story! I think it’s awesome they met in line. Imagine if she didn’t have the guts to start a conversation!

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