Our Philosophy is to keep the integrity and authenticity of your story! Our approach is laid back with creative intent. We document your wedding day with very little intervention from us, we will guide you as needed, but we let the moments of your day unfold and capture your love in a way that is iconic and timeless. 

Everything is preserved from the layers of your dress, the hugs and kisses, flowers, to the two of you, friends and family dancing the night away. Whether it be on a screen or image in an album, our goal is to transport you back to the way you felt in that very moment you see in front of you. 

Your first moments together as husband and wife are precious. The wedding video we create for you is your first "home movie", Chapter I captured in a cinematic movie way of course.  The photos we capture of those raw moments or joy intimacy and pure love are preserved in an album, your first family heirloom.  We are excited to be apart of the beginning of your first chapter and the legacy of your family. 







The Black Tie Philosophy

Black Tie

She is effortlessly graceful.  She knows that true grace comes from genuine love for one another. 

She believes in hand written thank you cards because she knows that personal touch means more. She loves being a host and spoiling her guests. She will do everything she can to make you feel loved.

Everyday she is stylish and classic in her own way. She does not have a high maintenance bone in her body. She loves and treasures her grand mother's pearls or her mothers wedding band, they are a piece of history. 






He takes his time choosing his attire. He is meticulous and cares about the details. He knows that black tie is essential and timeless. 

He knows it's not just her day, it is their day. He loves that its about the celebration of their love and their life together. He is involved in planning the wedding with his bride because he knows that their wedding day is a reflection of them as a couple. 

He loves to hold her hand, and hold her tight whether they're in the eyes of a crowd or in front of a camera. Nothing will hold him back from giving her a hug or a kiss on the cheek.






They wonder who will be the first of them to cry on their wedding day, but they know they both will at the same time. They are true to themselves, they love and prefer the real raw moments over posed perfection. 

They have endless inside jokes, they cook a meal together and  quote their favorite movies, they always choose to spend time together. Not because they have to, but because it's more fun that way.

They put the more important things first in their lives. Always there to hold the others hand while they are sick or know what to say when one is feeling blue. They pursue their dreams and goals together, encourage grace and cherish the legacy they are creating. 






Black Tie



it's all about

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We are so excited for you to be a BTC couple! Next step is to reserve your date so that we can be your dream team on your wedding day. We send you an online booking proposal where you can review your package and pay your deposit to make everything official, legit, signed on the dotted line, we are yours for the big day!

2. Reserve Your Date

Austin and I know that there is just the perfect wedding photographer out there for each couple and there is that perfect couple in love that makes our creative little hearts explode. The first step is to meet each other and this can be done on the phone, Skype or in person over a cup of coffee or some mac and cheese. During this time we want to get to know you! We want you to be sure that we are the perfect fit for you! After getting to know one another we can all determine if we are peanut butter + jelly or cookies and milk match made in heaven. If we are we will move on to getting your wedding date reserved.

1. Getting to Know you!

Our booking process is simple and straightforward. We make your wedding photography and cinematography experience stress-free. The following timeline will help you better understand the whole process:

About 8 weeks before the wedding you will receive a questionnaire with a few important questions that we have for your wedding day. Then at 4 weeks we will begin preparing for your wedding by creating a photo and or cinema timeline. Creating a timeline is essential so that we can ensure that we have time to create beautiful portraits and be well prepared to document your wedding as it unfolds so that we don’t miss a beat or grandma on the dance floor.

4. Questionnaire and Timeline

Once you are officially a BTC couple and your date is secured, we’ll schedule your engagement session. Don’t know what to wear, or where to do your engagement session? Don’t worry! We are here to help you with all of that and MORE! Your engagement session is about showing your love and fun, goofy, adventurous personality and having fun together! You will receive your engagement photos within four weeks from your session and of course your images will be featured on the most awesome BTC blog!  

3. Engagement sessions

Yay your wedding day is here! I’ll have a Plan A if the weather is great, or Plan B if the weather isn’t on our side! The day is going to be such a fun filled whirl wind of a day, that it will be over before you know it. We truly live for capturing your wedding day as it unfolds, our wedding package includes at least 8 hours because by now we know how much time is needed to capture your story. It is our priority to capture the traditional shots that every bride needs while also capturing the moments in between in a creative & unique way. After your wedding day, your wedding video teaser & photos will be featured on the BTC blog the following Wednesday! 

6. Wedding Day

A week or two before your wedding… We meet for a catch up, preferably at your venue! If not local this can be done via Skype. This is to go through all the timings and confirm the photo and or video schedule for the day. If your venue isn’t local, I would visit the day before, if staying over the night before. Tip: Take a break from wedding planning and go out on a date with your Fiancé while you can still call each other that! (wink) 

5. Pre-Wedding Consultation

Between 6- 8 weeks after the wedding you will receive your first family heirlooms. A custom bluray with your full wedding video or a custom printed usb with all your images. We included a little surprise from us as well!

The next step would be to order prints. Why not get some of your favorite pictures printed for your wall or a gorgeous canvas gallery! The most treasured photography heirloom would be your wedding album. From design to your coffee table usually takes between 8-12 weeks.

8. Heirlooms

Within 4 to 6 weeks from your wedding your images will be uploaded to our Online Gallery. We will email you the log in details for your online gallery. You can review and download all the images and pick your favorites! Wedding highlight videos are uploaded to Vimeo for your viewing pleasure. We encourage our couples to sit down with a glass of champagne or wine, or even grab some popcorn as you are transported to the first chapter of your happily ever after! PS You may want to grab a few tissues!

7. After the wedding 



PROTRAITS for your engagement session, save the date, anniversaries, lifestyle, family or maternity 

wedding Photography

our most popular wedding photography packages include a complimentary engagement session, 8 hours of wedding day coverage, a second photographer and an online gallery that displays all of your high-resolution digital images.

Wedding Films

Our most popular wedding cinematography packages include a 8 hours of wedding day coverage, a second cinematographer, licensed music  and online hosting of your highlight film and a custom keepsake blu-ray. 

BEGIN AT $2,200

BEGIN AT $2,000


Elopement and more intimate wedding photography packages for 4 - 6 hours of coverage are available.  



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